Marvel's Moon Knight Teaser Trailer Breakdown and Analysis

The closed captioning only identifies this voice as “Man”, but come on, we know Ethan Hawke when we hear him, right? The beloved Training Day and Sinister actor is reportedly the big villain of this show, and says he’s based his character on notorious cult leader David Koresh.

It’s unclear who Hawke is playing in that brief voiceover, but rumors have been swirling for a while that it’s none other than Dracula. Or at least, a prominent bloodsucker in this universe!

Marvel is hard at work on the more supernatural corner of the MCU in Phase 4, with a Blade reboot on the way, Kit Harington’s potential Black Knight introduced in Eternals, and Gael García Bernal just seemingly cast as Werewolf By Night for a planned 2022 Halloween special, so although the prospect of Hawke playing a dark supernatural creature is both ludicrous and completely unconfirmed, it would indeed track!

Later in the trailer, we get to see Moon Knight in his more 90s-esque costume, jumping from building to building in a great leap, and eventually rising from the tail end of what looks like a traditional MCU superhero landing elsewhere. Florence Pugh’s Yelena Bolova would be rolling her eyes at this, no doubt.

Moon Knight’s Identities

We’ve touched on Marc Spector’s different comics identities above, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about how they have been adapted for the Moon Knight series.

Khonshu and Spector often have a tumultuous relationship. Sometimes, it’s suggested that Marc is just mentally ill, and that there is no Khonshu. Sometimes, Khonshu is revealed to be an actual presence. And at other times, Khonshu is absolutely real despite Marc’s mental illness.

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