Jeff Goldblum Is On A Quest To Satiate His Endless Curiosity

JEFF GOLDBLUM: Well, I’m curious. I like surprises. I read a little bit of background information, but [the show producers] set-up these out of left field, spitball, off the beaten track places for me to go to, and people for me to talk with, and then it becomes just a extemporized, spontaneous encounter with them. I think it’s through the door of surprise that a portal opens that allows me to be particularly fascinated and in wonderment.

Each episode unfolds like a personal journey. What truths did you learn about yourself along the way? 

We do an episode on bicycles and they put me on one of these… BMX it’s called. I had never heard of that. These are bikes you stay standing on, and you go up and down these dirt-built courses, up and down hills. It was a very hot day and I might’ve been overdressed. I rode on that for a long time because there were a bunch of kids and experts doing it, and I was keeping up with them. I almost overdid it. I learned about the limits of my resources.

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Through this show I started to investigate areas that I may not have otherwise. While we were shooting, I was reading and learning about [historian and author] Yuval Noah Harari. I watched many of his videos on YouTube and then read all three of his books, Sapiens, Homo Deus, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. I learned truths about myself, our species, our history, and how we came to be here. I learned truths about what the life sciences tell us in terms of how we function, and how free will may have been a myth that we made up but may in fact not have much credence. 

For decades, I’ve done a version of meditation, but this recent period, and doing this show, has sort of transformed everything that I’m doing and certainly what I’m interested in exposing my kids to. I’m jettisoning some of my half-baked ideas that were only borrowed and vaguely investigated.

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