Hawkeye's Rogers: The Musical is a Surprisingly Rich Marvel Text


It’s equally as possible, however, that Ant-Man has been included just because it’s always seemed like he’s part of the original Avengers. Scott Lang played a major role in Avengers: Endgame so perhaps it became cultural canon that Ant-Man has always been there every step of the way. Plus, his powers of growing smaller and bigger have an elemental appeal that just works well in a Broadway production. 

Rogers: The Musical Lyrics

Given the Ant-Man situation, Rogers: The Musical is a fascinating look into the cultural reception that this fictional world has to its heroes. Not only that, but a lot of the lyrics in the song (called “Save The City” on Spotify) are unexpectedly revealing. Here is what we were able to glean:

Chorus: Help us win! Save us all from the state we’re in!
Things look dark but I know this can’t be the end.
There’s a future I know that.
With the strength you bring us we’ll rise again.
Avengers unite ‘cause we’ve got to hear you say.
Steve Rogers: I could do this all day!
Chorus: The Hulk is incredible, smashing things up.
While Iron Man takes to the sky.
Captain America’s strong and that Thor is a god.
And lord knows they’re easy on the eyes.
Black Widow’s a knockout who can knock you out. And when Ant-Man flies You won’t hear a sound.

Interestingly, it’s after the line “you won’t hear a sound” that the audience is brought into Clint’s perspective where he literally can’t hear a sound because his hearing aid is turned off. When he turns it back on, we catch a snippet of what the chorus is singing and it sounds like “While Hawkeye seems cool, like a really nice guy, we just wish that New York wasn’t their battleground” Then we get to hear the rest of the song. 

Steve Rogers: I’ve got to get the Tesseract. The battle’s just begun.
Black Widow: We’ll conquer the Chitauri
Iron Man: Then get shawarma when we’re done.
Hawkeye: Just how are we to fight them?
Steve Rogers: We’ll do it as a team.
First (unintelligible) then Natasha, that’s your cue.
Then Hawkeye hit the bullseye, there’s not a better shot than you.
Tony, you’ve got nukes to catch, be careful not to crash.
Hulk, you know the magic word is….Smash. Smash. Smash.
Chorus: City’s trashed when you take your bow. We’ll blame you then but you’re good for now. Avengers unite ‘cause we’ve got to hear you say. I could do this all day. 

Most of the lyrics in the song are a straight retelling of the events of The Avengers’ climactic battle, right down to Tony Stark maneuvering a nuke through a portal to vaporize the Chitauri. It’s the last line, however, that offers a new bit of information: “We’ll blame you then but you’re good for now.” 

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