The Bob's Burgers Movie (2022)

The Bobs Burgers Movie Already Avoided The Simpsons Movie's Biggest Issue

Where The Simpsons Movie arrived burdened with huge hype thanks to the fame of The Simpsons Golden Age, The Bobs Burgers Movie won't face this issue.

Bob's Burgers Movie Poster Brings Belchers Together (But No Jimmy Pesto)

Ahead of the movie's May release, a poster celebrating the Belcher's big-screen debut features Bob's Burgers characters from across the show's past.

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Bob's Burgers Movie Poster & Images Tease The Belchers' Theatrical Debut

20th Century Studios unveils The Bob's Burgers Movie poster and images, teasing the Belcher family's long-awaited theatrical debut.

Bob's Burgers Movie Trailer Reveals Long-Awaited Big Screen Adventure

20th Century Studios debuts the official Bob's Burgers Movie trailer, offering the first look at the long-awaited film extension of the hit show.

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The Bob's Burgers Movie Gets New Poster & Reveals 2022 Release Date

Fox releases the new poster for the long-awaited Bob's Burgers: The Movie, which will debut in theaters on Memorial Day weekend of 2022.

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Bob’s Burgers Creator Gives Update on Upcoming Movie’s Release Date

Creator Loren Bouchard says that Bob's Burgers: The Movie will have a release date announced soon, but wanted to wait for theaters to fully reopen.

Bob's Burgers Movie Removed From Disney's Release Schedule

In a shift made to Disney's theatrical release schedule, the Bob's Burgers movie lost its' April 9 release date, not gaining a new one.

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Disney has delayed seven of its 20th Century and Searchlight releases, all former Fox movies, in light of the continued coronavirus pandemic.

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H. Jon Benjamin is best known for his voice work on Archer and Bob's Burgers, in addition to other comic roles. Here's his estimated net worth.

Bob's Burgers Characters By Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Which Bob's Burgers character do you relate to the most? Are you an ISFP like Teddy or an ENFP like Gene? check out our list and find out!

Bob's Burgers Movie Announced for 2020 Release

20th Century Fox announces a Bob's Burgers animated feature film based on the TV series that will hit theaters in the summer of 2020.