The Top 10 Carl Weathers Movie and TV roles

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5. Toy Story Of Terror and Regular Show

In recent years, Weathers has been embraced by a new generation as a pop culture elder statesmen, most notably in animation (so I’m cheating again and squeezing these two entries together). In the actually really good Toy Story TV special Toy Story Of Terror, Weathers plays a GI Joe-a-like action figure called Combat Carl, which he voices to action hero perfection. As well as always referring to himself in the third person, he’s also accompanied by a four-inch version named Combat Carl Jr, with Weathers’ voice sped up to make it higher pitched. There’s even a traditionally animated, GI Joe-spoofing Combat Carl PSA on the DVD.

Much weirder though is Weathers’ appearance on the cult Cartoon Network animation Regular Show. When Mordecai and Rigby keep losing at basketball, they are visited by the hummer-driving, dubstep-blasting God of Basketball, voiced by Weathers. They end up trying to do slam dunks from deep space, because Regular Showis weird. And amazing.

4. Arrested Development

Of all the celebrity cameos on Arrested Development, Carl Weathers’ might be the funniest. And that’s incredibly high praise indeed. Basically, he just plays himself, hired by Tobias Funke as an acting coach, but for some reason he’s an absolute cheapskate. It’s based on absolutely nothing, but it’s just so absurdly perfect. Like getting really excited at the free refills in Burger King. Or informing people not to throw anyway their meat bones, and instead take them home, boil them up, and then “baby, you got a stew going.” (That’s probably my most quoted line from the show).

Plus, they keep introducing him with a clip of his gory death in Predator. Which just makes it even funnier.

3. Predator

It would be on this list for that handshake alone. The thing you forget though, is how amazing the team is in Predator. As well as Arnold Schwarzenegger leading the squad, we have perhaps the best collection of badasses assembled in one ’80s action movie. There’s wrestler-turned governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura, there’s the great Bill Duke, there’s Cherokee powerhouse Sonny Landham, also of 48 Hrs and Action Jackson, and as the token weedy guy, it’s Shane Black, writer of Lethal Weaponand The Last Boy Scout, and future director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

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