Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Post-Credit Scene Explained


The camera quickly cuts to a second person in the scene, and it all becomes very clear. The person who has saved Wesker is none other than super spy Ada Wong, played by Lily Gao (The Expanse), revealing that she was the former STARS agent’s secret employer. The scene ends with Ada handing Wesker his signature sunglasses so that he can put them on for the very first time.

If there’s ever a sequel, it’s clear these will be the two antagonists that Chris, Claire, Leon, and Jill will have to deal with. In the meantime, here’s a refresher regarding who Ada Wong is and what’s next for Wesker based on his history in the video games.

Who Is Ada Wong?

How could you adapt the plot of Resident Evil 2 without including Ada Wong? That was the question on many fans’ minds when she wasn’t announced as part of the reboot’s cast. But Sony was just hiding Lily Gao’s cameo for fans (and to set up the sequel, of course).

Historically, Ada appears in any games featuring Leon S. Kennedy, showing up as both an arch-rival but also as an anti-hero and even somewhat of a romantic interest (although Claire will always be first in Leon’s heart). Ada has no clear allegiance throughout the series and seems to follow her own indecipherable agenda, often double-crossing and even triple-crossing others to get what she really wants. Basically, you can’t trust her.

Ultimately, her goal in most of the games she appears in is to acquire samples of whatever virus or parasite is currently plaguing the characters in the story. In Resident Evil 2, she’s trying to steal a sample of the G-virus, while in Resident Evil 4 she wants a sample of Las Plagas. The point is that she generally always bests Leon, no matter how hard he tries to stop her. It’ll be very interesting to watch that dynamic on screen if a sequel happens.

What’s Next for Albert Wesker?

While the Wesker of the video games is an evil Umbrella agent from the very start, a brilliant researcher helping the corporation create these dangerous viruses, Tom Hopper’s Wesker isn’t quite so bad. He’s not really in on what Umbrella is doing — and doesn’t even know Ada Wong is his client. He just wants to make some extra dough, even if it means endangering his STARS comrades in the process.

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