Ghostbusters: Afterlife Post-Credits Scenes Explained


It seems their second go stuck though since now in their golden years, Peter and Dana are cozy in a New York City apartment, pulling out Venkman’s old electroshock gizmo while Dana is now the one at the controls and with the cards, testing Peter’s precognition. Surprisingly, Venkman is able to display seemingly psychic abilities and read each card—the old familiar three wavy lines, the five-pointed star, and more—but after a few shocks admits that he’s marked the back of each card. He also admits that he used to only shock the guys while leaving the co-eds alone during his days as a college professor. Such a skeevy admission in 2021 standards is worthy of another shock from Dana.

It’s a funny scene that has typical Murray riffing. Indeed, when we spoke with Reitman about the sequence, he revealed it was the only scene in the movie he wound up regretting trying to write dialogue for.

“We had a script for that scene. Apparently the script was unnecessary,” Reitman laughs. “Bill came into the movie with his own ideas, and they were brilliant. I had grown up hearing the stories of Bill improvising [and] watching him do it live on-set. So it was a thrill to watch him in real-time deliver dialogue that was far superior to anything I could’ve come up with in the couple of years of writing this movie.”

Reitman adds, “His brain crackles in a different way, and his voice is authentically his and has been so since we first met him.”

And if this is the last time we see Murray as Venkman and Weaver as Barrett, it’s a sweet sendoff for the pair.

Winston Zeddemore Builds Back Better

Surprisingly, neither post-credits scene in Ghostbusters: Afterlife is about the film’s main characters who led the first 105 minutes of this two-hour flick. After the young Spengler family of Callie (Carrie Coon), Phoebe (Grace), and Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) get closure about their roots, the final moments of the film pivot to the three living original Ghostbusters… and the new world they might be building.

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