Best Movies Coming to Netflix in November 2021

Still, it cannot help but get swept up in sentimentality as Pitt’s Beane becomes teary-eyed thinking about his team’s big wins or final loss, or equating it to the innocence of his daughter’s childhood. Ah, baseball. 

The Nightingale (2018)

November 1

Jennifer Kent’s follow up to The Babadook couldn’t be more of a different beast. Equally strong as the director’s singular vision and also a slow bone chiller debut, The Babadook was all about shadows and secrets. By contrast, The Nightingale is downright and overtly brutal. Following a young convict woman in colonial ​​Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania) wanting vengeance on a soldier (Sam Clafin) who has subjected her and her family to an unspeakable ordeal, she seeks help from an aborginal tracker to find him and his men. This is an angry, beautiful, ferocious film, full of extreme violence and with no apologies. Not a horror but horrific nonetheless, it’s a great piece of art and history which should come with extreme trigger warnings particularly for sexual violence and an early scene you can’t unwatch. Tough stuff.

A River Runs Through It

November 1

Listen, we don’t get a lot of movies set in Montana, and this 1992 film starring Craig Sheffer and a young Brad Pitt as brothers growing up in early 20th century Missoula is so damn excited to be set in Montana. Adapted from a semi-autobiographical memoir of the same name, A River Runs Through It manages to be both uber nostalgic and extremely tragic at the same time.

The meandering film, which was Robert Redford’s third feature as a director, won the Best Cinematography award at the Academy Awards and for good reason. The movie used actual locations in the Mountain West region of the U.S. (in Montana and Wyoming specifically) to tell the understated story of the Maclean brothers, and it’s worth a watch for the gorgeous scenery alone. Also for the fly-fishing scenes. But, seriously, it’s a bit of a downer, so you should know that going in.

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