Marvel Confirms The Grossest Moon Knight Kill is Somehow Still Canon

Warning! Spoilers for Moon Knight: Black, White and Blood #1 by Marvel Comics

In a hilarious moment between Moon Knight and Spider-Man, Marvel Comics just confirmed that the antihero's grossest kill is still canon. In Moon Knight: Black, White and Blood #1 by Marvel Comics, Marc Spector lends Spider-Man his Mr. Knight costume after he helps take down a group of ghosts. Moon Knight proceeds to jokingly threatens that if Spider-Man hugs him in response, he will "slice your face off," which is a reference to his most violent and brutal kill ever.

Moon Knight has always had more violent tendencies as a hero, as he often gets bloody when taking on villains and adversaries. However, Moon Knight's grossest kill came against his longtime villain Bushman. In In Moon Knight #2 (2006) by Charlie Huston, David Finch, Danny Miki, Frank D'Armata, and VC's Joe Caramgna,  the hero lost control and used his crescent dart to carve off Bushman's face and kill him. The scene was incredibly graphic and not something fans of the Moon Knight Disney+ series should expect to ever see in the MCU. However, the moment is still very much canon in the pages of Marvel Comics.

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In the story "So White. Yet, so Dark" in Moon Knight: Black, White and Blood #1 by Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande from Marvel Comics, Moon Knight and Spider-Man team-up to take down some ghosts. After suiting up in his Ghost-Ripper armor and defeating the villains, Moon Knight allows Spider-Man to borrow his Mr. Knight suit. However, it comes with the condition that if he does "freaky role-play stuff" do not return it and burn it. Spider-Man thanks Moon Knight and offers him a warm embrace, but the antihero doesn't accept, telling him he "you hug me, I'll slice your face off." The moment confirms Moon Knight's grossest kill on Bushman is still very much canon.

It's great to see Moon Knight can joke about his grossest kill, which is sort of shocking given how absolutely brutal it was. But, the threat at Spider-Man shows how much he doesn't want a hug and what he might do if he does it. Thankfully for Spider-Man, it's an empty threat, but given past Marvel Comics canon, Spider-Man shouldn't dismiss it entirely, even if it's a joke.

The threat shows Moon Knight, even when he's not totally out of control and seemingly level-headed, should not be messed with. The antihero remains unpredictable and while it's an incredible small chance, it's not out of the question that when pushed, he'll decide to repeat his grossest kill ever. In this case, confirming Moon Knight's grossest kill is canon ends up being joke, but next time, it might not be.

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