15 Best PlayStation 2 RPGs Ever

Remarkably, I think Final Fantasy X managed to live up to a great deal of that hype. Final Fantasy X benefits from everything that this franchise accomplished up until this point while expertly solving what many considered to be some of the series’ gameplay shortcomings. In many ways, it remains the Final Fantasy game that is easiest to recommend to those curious to see why this is the one RPG series that has defined so many different generations and so many shifts in the genre. 

2. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that the PS2 featured some incredible ARPGs that don’t always get the love that they deserved. Well, Dark Alliance has to be considered the star of that particular category.  

Even if you convinced yourself to look at Dark Alliance as little more than a Diablo knock-off, it would still easily rank high among the best entries in that somewhat dubious subgenre. Yet, someone needs to speak out for the way this game made that formula not only accessible to console players but reimagined it in such a way that makes this one of the most purely entertaining co-op RPG experiences ever committed to any platform. 

1. Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII was released to strong reviews, but it’s always been something of a divisive entry into this famed franchise. Some criticized the ways it significantly altered the Final Fantasy formula (which was only recently reinvented in Final Fantasy X), while others criticized smaller aspects of the game like its music, writing, and characters. To be honest, it feels like that discourse is still there to this day. 

As time goes on, though, my respect for Final Fantasy XII has only grown. From its bold Gambit system that feels far more accessible and common now than it did when this game launched to the way it makes its overworld feel far more significant than it does in many other FF games, this game just excels at embodying the spirit of this franchise without ever feeling like its entirely relying on the series’ laurels. 

Of course, it’s hard to talk about this game without mentioning its story, which happens to be one of the best in this franchise’s history and one of the best in any RPG. This game is just a sweeping triumph, wrinkles and all. 

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