Battlefield 2042: Best Meta Weapons and Loadouts


The PP-29 is fast, accurate, and powerful. It absolutely shreds at close ranges, it can be equipped with absurdly large magazines, and it’s honestly pretty useful at longer ranges assuming that you find the right loadout for it. It’s one of the most hilariously broken weapons I can remember seeing in a competitive multiplayer game in quite some time, and I can’t believe it was allowed to exist in this state at launch. 


While every other gun on this list suffers by virtue of not being the PP-29, it has to be said that LCMG is one of the best overall weapons that aren’t comically broken. 

Actually, if it weren’t for the fact that the LCMG makes you painfully immobile, it might be able to stand up to the PP-29 by virtue of its massive magazine, low recoil, and pure stopping power. You’re definitely going to want to learn to love this for when the PP-29 is nerfed. 


Look, Battlefield 2042’s snipers are not in a great place at the moment. They’re too slow, too inaccurate, and generally don’t fit into the PP-29 meta. That being said, the DXR-1 appears to be your best bet for a quality sniper rifle at the moment. 

The DXR-1’s raw power means that you really only have to hit a shot or two with it to ruin someone’s day. It’s not nearly as powerful as the NWT-50 so far as that goes, but it is more manageable, accurate, and generally reliable, which are all the sniper traits you’re looking for in the current meta. 


I think there is a solid argument to be made for the AK-24 over the M5A3, but the M5A3’s accuracy and reliability are hard to ignore. 

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