Evil Season 3 Story Details Teased By Creators

Creators Robert and Michelle King tease new Evil season 3 story details including the repercussions to come from the shocking season 2 finale. Katja Herbers and Mike Colter lead the cast of the supernatural series as skeptical forensic psychologist Dr. Kristen Bouchard and Catholic seminarian David Acosta as they begin working together to investigate various purported supernatural ongoings with the help of Aasif Mandvi's tech expet Ben Shakir. All the while, Kristen finds her and her family the target of a demonic threat named George, who is seemingly tied to the mysterious and evil Dr. Leland Townsend.

Evil season 2 explored Kristen struggling to come to grips with her guilt after having murdered Orson LeRoux, a serial killer who earned his release with Leland's help and took to harassing Kristen and her daughters. Meanwhile, David makes further steps towards being ordained but finds himself conflicted by his feelings for Kristen and Ben becomes haunted by a succubus in his dreams. Evil season 2 continued the show's success streak with even higher reviews from critics for its blend of horror and comedy and character development and the creators are looking to keep this going with the upcoming season 3.

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With just a month remaining until its premiere, creators Robert and Michelle King caught up with Entertainment Weekly to discuss Evil season 3. The duo teased that the new season will be as "horrifying" and "absurd" as ever and will explore the consequences from Kristen's emotional confession in the season 2 finale. The Kings also confirmed that Evil season 3 will not address the pandemic but instead explore some of the emotions the country has experienced. See what the Kings said below:

Robert King: "I think a lot of times, horror is really closely connected to comedy. Someone who's on edge and ready to scream is not that distant in emotion from someone on edge and laughing their head off. I think we had the same issue coming out of season 1 into season 2, where you sort of paint yourself into a corner. Kristen has killed a man, so how do you get out of that?

We felt the same coming from 2 to 3, where the confession was accepted that settled all the issues of season 2, but literally five seconds later, the issue of season 3 is introduced, which is: What do you do with this attraction now that he's a priest, and she's married? That's what excited us, getting deeper into what these two characters will do together — especially given that Katja and Mike have such great chemistry."

Michelle King: "We made a choice not to explicitly bring the pandemic into the show, but I think it's impossible not to bring in some of the emotions that surround a global pandemic just because it's what we're all going through."

Robert King: "The show works best for us when it plays the game of the supernatural, but it also shows how the supernatural can be a psychological condition. I mean, what is it that keeps us all from calming down? You could see it as the supernatural. You could see it as just the modern condition. That's what was fun about this year, playing off of that."

Kristen's struggle with her guilt over killing LeRoux was a major aspect of Evil season 2 as it ultimately led to her being influenced by an ifrit, which in turn led to her cheating on her husband and nearly losing her way. Though she would successfully be free of the fire jinn's influence by the end of the season, the spirit wouldn't completely leave the group's lives as it attached itself to Leland in the midst of the exorcism David performed on him. This clearing of her spirit led to Kirsten finally admitting her guilt to David and the two sharing a kiss, a moment most Evil fans have been waiting for since early in season 1 that arrived at the worst possible moment for the two.

As the Kings note, Evil has largely succeeded with critics and audiences for its ability to delve into more terrifying stories as much as more humorous ones. Evil season 2 notably saw David, Kristen and Ben head to a monastery where they are forced to remain quiet at the risk of unleashing a demon while also investigating a Satanic church looking to become tax exempt and Ben's girlfriend being haunted by the spirit of her sister that inhabits the right side of her body. With the creators teasing the most horrifying and absurd chapter yet for the show, only time will tell what David, Kristen and Ben confront next when Evil season 3 premieres on June 12.

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Source: EW

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