Edgar Wright Responds To Doctor Who Season 14 Directing Speculation

Director Edgar Wright has responded to speculation that he is involved in the upcoming Doctor Who season 14. The long-running and iconic sci-fi series follows a time-and-space travelling Time Lord known as "The Doctor," who has since gone through 13 total regenerations. Last week, Sex Education actor Ncuti Gatwa was revealed to be taking over the titular role from Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker in the next Doctor Who season, becoming the first BIPOC actor to ever play the character in a lead role.

With a new season, a new Doctor, and the return of original reboot showrunner Russell T. Davies, speculation has begun regarding what the next Doctor Who series has in store for audiences. Among these are theories that British filmmaker Edgar Wright will somehow be involved in the upcoming season. The Hot Fuzz director recently made a series of posts on his Instagram page, which many took as possible hints that Wright would be joining Doctor Who. The posts show a blue door marked with a sign reading "wet paint," which some users pointed out is similar in color to the Doctor's TARDIS. Wright also posted a pattern of hexagons similar to the TARDIS' interior, and a picture of a chandelier, which were thought to be related.

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Wright himself has now taken to Twitter to respond to this speculation. In response to a tweet posted by British GQ speculating that Wright would be involved in Doctor Who season 14, Wright has posted a tweet which simply reads "Untrue!" When the publication posted about a possible hidden meaning behind Wright's Instagram image of the blue door, Wright took to Twitter again to debunk the connection. See Wright's tweets below:

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Despite the fact that Wright seems to be clearly stating that he is not involved in the upcoming season of Doctor Who, many seem somewhat reluctant to believe him. Some users have taken to Twitter to pose theories about how Wright is cleverly misdirecting his audience. It has been pointed out that Wright specifically stating that he is not involved in Doctor Who's "next series," which some have taken to mean that he will instead be involved in the 60th anniversary episode. The Doctor Who anniversary special takes place between two seasons of the show. Other, more skeptical users have simply stated that after Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield successfully lied about their Spider-Man: No Way Home return last year, they are reluctant to believe what they see as more potential incorrect denials.

Naturally, all Doctor Who viewers can do is wait and see if Wright is telling the truth. The director has long been open about being a fan of Doctor Who, and has even been asked to direct episodes in the past, so speculation that he may be involved in season 14 is not a stretch. Of course, if Wright truly was trying to hint that he was involved in upcoming episodes of Doctor Who, it would be strange for him to deny this once people caught on. Only time will tell what the future holds, as the new season of Doctor Who is set to air in the fall of 2022, with its 60th Anniversary episode scheduled for fall 2023.

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