DJ Skee Partners with eBay for Post Malone Inspired Exclusive Cards


On Sept. 17, eBay will also be hosting a signing for well-known Magic: the Gathering artist Aaron Miller. Miller will be signing custom playmats that eBay will be giving away for free.

Rare card auctions and artist signings are cool, but the best part about conventions is exclusive merchandise. For Gen Con 2021, eBay is teaming up with music industry titan DJ Skee to give out just under 2,000 MTG and Pokémon style cards remixed with a Post Malone theme.

DJ Skee and eBay have designed four custom cards: two inspired by Pokémon and two inspired by Magic: the Gathering. Each set will have a base card numbered out of 999 and a rare card numbered out of 99 and will be foiled on 130pt card stock in a 1 touch case. Each card will also feature a QR code on the back linking to a curated Post Malone Spotify playlist from DJ Skee.

The Pokémon cards (cleverly titled “Postémon”) feature a Post Malone-inspired character in the style of the classic Pokémon anime. Those lucky enough to get their hands on the card’s rare version will be treated to a full art “Postémon TX.” While neither card is playable in the real Pokémon TCG, fans of Malone will be treated to a slew of references to Posty’s career that will surely bring a smile to their faces.

DJ Skee’s take on MTG cards might feature fewer references to Post Malone’s career, but the base card features a cool gimmick: it’s technically playable. Inspired by the “Hollywood is Dead” album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” album, “Zombie Post,” is a Zombie token proxy card that is ready to be sleeved and put in your deck. After all, there’s no better way to impress an enemy than with a card that has less than 1,000 copies in circulation.

The rare MTG in the set, titled “Posty Ri Berit,” is a play on the Commander card “Merieke Ri Berit” which Post Malone recently used to win Game Knights on YouTube and claims is his favorite card to use. While this one isn’t playable, its art, references, and rarity are enough to make it a coveted piece for any collector.
eBay will only be handing out one random card per person at the event, but those looking to get a whole set will be able to buy, sell, or trade the cards at the event. Anyone lucky enough to get all four cards will notice that the four backs combine to produce a single image with a Black Lotus in the middle.

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