A Toy Store Near You Season 2 To Release on Christmas Day (Exclusive)


Episode 4 – Batcave Comics and Toys – Santa Rosa, California

In idyllic Santa Rosa California, Batcave Comics & Toys owners Mike Holbrook and Amanda Barlow share more than just their namesake with the caped crusader, they’re both do-gooders in their own right as well; such as donating comics from their store to local youth charities while under quarantine. And if the actions of Mike and Amanda weren’t admirable enough, the treasures inside their store are equally impressive (one-of-a-kind prototypes, including the unreleased The Last Starfighter line!), making Batcave Comics & Toys a beacon to collectors from all walks of life.

Episode 5 – Super7 – San Francisco, California

The humble origins of San Francisco California’s Super 7 can be traced back to the titular magazine born out of owner Brian Flynn’s love of collecting Kaiju toys. Since then, it’s grown into not only a retailer of collectibles and apparel in both San Francisco and San Diego, but also a producer of esoteric and imaginative products, the likes of which would never exist anywhere else. After bringing the never-before-released 1979 Alien figures to life, Super 7 has never looked back. Through all of their success, Brian Flynn and Co. still maintain an independent, small-business mentality, understanding that the key to surviving is remembering what got them there, and to have fun while doing it!

Founded by Brian Volk Weiss, The Nacelle Company also produced Disney +’s Behind The Attraction, and BET+’s All The Way Black, Sony’s Mad About You reboot, and Netflix’s Kevin Hart’s Guide To Black History.

A Toy Store Near You season 1 is available to watch now on Amazon Prime Video, Youtube Vimeo and other select platforms.

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